Water Writes

The struggle for access to safe drinking water connects disparate communities across the planet. Water Writes murals document local and international water crises.

Through The Estria Foundation’s collective creative process, youth, artists, organizers, and environmental activists come together to create imagery which reflects the relationship between the people and the water of each area. Community members are invited to a public paint day to participate in bringing these ideas into reality. The completed murals are accessible to the public and also to communities around the world through video documentation and the Internet. Water Writes sparks discussions and cross collaboration between water warriors across the world.

Through painting with some of the communities heavily affected by water rights issues, the Estria Foundation shares its artistic techniques to assist ongoing grassroots struggles, creates a global platform to raise awareness, and inspires the movement.

The Water Writes international mural series was originally conceived by Estria as a way to raise awareness about pollution in our waters. If was the project that caused the founding of The Estria Foundation, and became its first program. Nancy Hernandez, as the Water Writes program head, built many partnerships for cross collaborations in each mural location. As of summer 2014, Water Writes has come to a close, with eleven murals around the world.

2014 Update: many of the murals painting in Palestine are gone, due to Israel’s missile attacks. These murals were all painted at schools.

For more information on the Water Writes series, go to estria.org/waterwrites