Mural Costs Overview

This is a general breakdown of costs in a mural project. Exact pricing is determined by wall, location, subject matter and the painting conditions. In many instances, one or more of the listed items are not necessary. Costs dependent on scope of project. Contact us for an accurate quote.

I. SCAFFOLD: Standing, free wheeling or electrical lift, includes delivery and pickup, setup and takedown. This is only necessary for murals taller than 15 feet.
II. WALL PREPARATION: Steam cleaning or trisodium phosphate wash, scraping, priming, and masking as needed.
III. MATERIALS: Spray paints, primer, buckets, brushes, rollers, drop cloths, graphic supplies, etc.
IV. INSURANCE: Rate is based on number of muralists on project.
V. PRELIMINARY STUDY: All work through final sketches.
VIII. TRANSPORTATION: for out of town jobs, this may include airfare, lodging, etc.

IX. CLEAR COAT: labor and material. This is an option as a graffiti deterrent and a protectant against the environment. This can extend the vibrancy of the colors an additional 3-10 years, depending on environmental conditions.
X. CHANGE ORDERS, ADDITIONAL COSTS, FEES and REIMBURSEMENTS: Any unforeseen costs during the project will be discussed with and approved by client prior to purchase. Reimbursements, if any, will be included in final invoice.