How to Purchase a Mural

Deliverables and Payment Schedule

I. PORTFOLIO REVIEW: Client reviews Estria’s work.
II. PROJECT DEFINED: Blueprints and/or building reviewed.
A. Scope – sizes and types of surfaces to be painted.
B. Objective – defining client’s needs.
C. Budget – financial restraints.
D. Scheduling – time parameters.
III. WRITTEN PROPOSAL: Submitted By Estria and reviewed with client.
IV. AGREEMENT SIGNED and FIRST PAYMENT: Preliminary design fee received by Estria. This is half of the total labor plus all expenses and is non refundable and non negotiable. Due prior to commencement of design work along with signing of contract. If client needs a preliminary impact study, designing will be charged on an hourly rate.
V. PRELIMINARY DESIGNS: Presented in rough draft. These can be mailed, emailed, viewed on our website, or presented in person.
VI. FINAL DESIGNS: Presented in full color. Client sign-off begins mural preparation and execution.
VII. PROJECT PREPARATION: Estria prepares all materials and surfaces for painting.
A. Artwork done on canvas or panels off-site. Artwork then shipped or installed.
B. Artwork executed onsite; usually for permanent installations or events.
IX. PROJECT COMPLETION: Client sign-off on final mural.
X. ACCEPTANCE OF WORK and SECOND PAYMENT: This final fee received by Estria at time of client’s sign-off on acceptance of the work. It is half of total labor and any additionally added costs Payable within 14 calendar days. A-tier clients have net 30. Beyond 30 days interest will be incurred at the rate of 10% of the amount due per every 15 business days.